SL+A Bangkok is a multi-disciplinary interior design studio Thailand. It provides Architectural Design, Interior Design, Design & Build, and Sustainable Design & Wellness services to its clients.

Architectural Design Our architectural team is able to provide a variety of professional services, including feasibility studies, master planning, site development design, due diligence surveys, construction documentation, contract administration, and construction site supervision. These services are all included in the architectural design process.

The interior design team is equipped with cutting-edge conceptual design skills, as well as the capability to deliver an extensive list of professional services, including building assessment, test-fits, planning, programming, budget preparation, construction documentation, contract administration, and site attendance, and project handover.

The most important advantages of utilizing the services of an interior design agency in Thailand.

It is essential to emphasize that the intention of this piece is not to cast aspersions on the work of interior decorators. The magnificent works that interior designers produce have earned them a well-deserved reputation, but the actual work that they do is quite dissimilar. Decorators of the interior work with the area that is provided and do the best they can with it.

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Drafting and Construction

they are skilled in both design and construction: The only thing that generally concerns contractors is their profit margins. Sometimes designers aren’t very grounded in the real world. Because they offer comprehensive solutions, they place the utmost importance on delivering designs that are both on time and within the allotted budget. SL+A manages every element from the beginning to the end to ensure that there are no surprises.

Sustainable Design & Wellness: We do LEED & WELL®. they are able to take your project from the feasibility stage all the way through the project consultancy phase, which includes all of the required phase submittals, as well as providing a commissioning authority (CxA), and finally, all the way to the final review and CIR if you are really into sustainable design and preserving the environment.

Even finding the perfect place to display your LEED plaque will be a service they provide.

What exactly is an interior designer, as well as the tasks that they carry out?