Parking Space:

Asphalt or concrete parking lots require maintenance, which some landlords attempt to bill tenants for. Employee parking, deliveries and pickups, overnight parking, and general use are just a few uses for parking lots. parking area repairs given that they represent a long-term expense and a component of estimating Warehouse for rent in Ayutthaya

value, they should be the landlord’s responsibility.

The parking area ought to be big enough to fit your business. Your parking lot needs to be big enough for tractor-trailer deliveries if your business depends on them. If necessary, confirm that trucks and other vehicles are allowed to overnight park in the lot.

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating (HVAC)

Warehouse for rent in Ayutthaya

The bulk of warehouses lack complete building HVAC systems. Each Tenant is responsible for installing their own HVAC unit if they so want. In many circumstances, you find up renting a location that was previously rented by someone else, who had an HVAC system installed and in operation. Because try to avoid taking on the obligation of a potential neglected unit since you don’t know whether the previous renter kept the property properly maintained. Talk to the landlord about paying for an HVAC maintenance agreement to keep the current HVAC system in good working order. However, the landlord should be held liable if the apartment requires significant repairs or replacement. Always demand that the landlord have the HVAC systems tested, fixed (if necessary), and verified in writing that they are in good operating order by a licenced HVAC specialist before signing the lease.

Maintenance Expenses

Regular warehouse operations depend heavily on the operational costs and if they will be covered by the lease. Think about what your contract covers and what it doesn’t, like roof repairs, taxes, maintenance and insurance. You, the tenant, may be liable for some or all of these expenses. You can find out how much regular upkeep will cost and who will be in charge of the yard and waste. Finding potential warehouses that can accommodate your volume while maintaining the products’ security in the interim is your main objective.